University of Macedonia

The University of Macedonia (UoM) is the second and “youngest” University of the city of Thessaloniki and specializes in economic and social sciences. In the academic year 2016-2017 the UoM completed 60 years of operation as an Institution of Higher Education in Greece. Today, more than 12.000 students study at the UoM in economic, administration, social and political related fields. The University comprises eight Departments in four Schools.

Every year members of the various academic Departments as well as the administrative offices take part in the biggest educational exhibitions and fairs. At the moment, the UOM has many active bilateral agreements with foreign partner institutions worldwide.

The Department of Educational & Social Policy (ESP) is part of the School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts. The Department awards one degree, which is distinguished into the following majors: (a) Major of the Continuing Education (b) Major of Education of People with Special Needs. The students who have entered the ESP Department opt for either major at the end of the 2nd semester of their studies. Students are dealing with subjects such as Distance Education, Differentiated Learning strategies, Multicultural Education, Special Needs Education.

The ESP Department offers PhD and Master degrees in Educational Sciences, with five different specializations in Adult Education, Special Education, Communication Dissorders, Educational Leadership and ICT in Education.

The ESP Department cooperates with several bodies like the Ministry of Education, the Institute of Educational Policy, research centers, schools, school advisors and others. In addition, the Department conducts students’ apprenticeships in special, mainstream, preschool, primary, secondary, technical vocational school units all over the country as well as with institutions abroad through several programs like Erasmus, AISEC etc.

The ESP Department at UoM has extensive experience participating in EU funded projects.

Contact Person:
Ioannis Lefkos,
Teaching Laboratory Staff,
Department of Educational & Social Policy,
University of Macedonia,
156 Egnatia Street, GR-546 36 Thessaloniki, Greece
tel: +302310891353